Carlo Camerata, CEO, Opentech SolutionCarlo Camerata, CEO
Risk management has acquired a strategic role today with risk, legislation, methodologies, and technology changing continuously. Being in line with these changes and managing the associate risks have become more complex and invasive in all the processes across an organization. It is against this backdrop that Opentech—an Italian IT company—has taken a step forward to provide concrete support to organizations in managing enterprise risks effectively with an innovative and agile solution. “We like to be “software craftsmen,” whose aim is to offer high-quality products, using more and more technological innovation and avant-garde methodologies adhering to organization’s specific needs in the areas of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC),” says Carlo Camerata, CEO of Opentech.

Opentech’s GO GRC, a suite of software products, meets all the needs of different company functions dedicated to controls. These products are aimed at supporting compliance and risk managers, data protection officers and internal auditors in their daily activities, ensuring data traceability, historicity and security. “Our objective is to allow the different functions to work on a single platform, using uniform metrics and a common database, with the same taxonomy of risks, norms, processes and controls while respecting the different roles,” says Camerata.

GO GRC, with the management of business risks as a focal point, also includes software products that allow the effective management of specific application areas such as data protection, IT risk management, business continuity and complaints. Every company’s control functions with its own peculiarities have to manage, monitor and evaluate any possible risk. GO GRC allows users to meet this requirement by enabling them to classify, categorize and assess risks, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We like to be “software craftsmen,” whose aim is to offer high-quality products, using more and more technological innovation and avant-garde methodologies adhering to organization’s specific needs in the GRC arena

Additionally, they can also configure automatisms, based on different drivers, which suggest how to evaluate each specific risk. GO GRC saves the history of all risk assessments and the function that has requested each evaluation. This allows the user to directly extract reports and dashboards that graphically summarize the trend of risks over time with different reading keys.

Opentech takes care of the whole cycle of software solutions, from design to development, maintenance to customer services, managing all technological and methodological improvements. Alongside their technical prowess, what sets Opentech a notch apart is their direct relationship with the customers. In order to support their customers, Opentech offers a helpdesk channel, which provides immediate help for every problem or support request. Through its highly qualified team comprising GRC experts, software engineers, and functional analysts, Opentech has been successful in leveraging their strengths to forge direct relationships with their customers and provide solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Over the years, they have woven partnerships with universities, professional and trade associations, as well as with primary consulting firms and training institutions. Isaca is one of their main partners, and its research work in the IT risk field has been fundamental for Opentech to develop ad hoc functionalities of their solutions.

In a long list of implementation highlights, the company’s compliance solution has been successfully adopted by large national and international banking groups and their internal audit and data protection solutions by big corporations, gaming companies and hospitals. The internal audit solution is used by various banking groups in Italy and by the Information and Communication Technology Company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The integrated risk management solution was the preferred solution for several insurance companies and is used by the Public University of Rome to manage corruption risk.

Our suite GO is highly agile with ease of configuration and adaptability; it has a significant return on value and low cost of ownership in contrast to legacy GRC solutions that are often seen as the market leaders. Currently, Opentech’s plans on the anvil include working on new areas such as artificial intelligence, robot processing automation and big data, to add new functionalities to the GO GRC suite. With a passion for technology and a belief grounded in teamwork to provide solutions and services in line with the real needs of users, Camerata emphasizes on their motto: “If you want to go far, GO together!”